How to update maps on Lada Vesta

First what You should know about update process - this is ORIGINAL process from developer of navigation software, that installed in Lada Vesta.

Original web-site for updates -

At that page You can find all updates and instructions. But only on Russian language. So, I will describe update process and provide for you all nesessary tools

Update process consist of 2 stages: update navigation software and update maps for this software. Both this stages can be performed in one step.

Tool for update.

CityGuide updating tool also contain lastest version of Navigation software.

Current version is - - Download

For check downloaded maps before update you can use FREE CityGuide for PC (Microsoft Windows required) - Download

By the way, you can download FREE original OSM maps for CityGuide with CityGuide for PC!

Updating process.

1. Check current version of navigation software in You Lada Vesta.

Verision number showed at right side of startup screen.

2. Download updating tool.

Download updating tool and unpack archive to You SD-card. Folder with name "Update" should be exist at You SD-card.

Content of "Update" forlder at SD-card after unpack:

"CGMAPS" folder (used in map update process for new maps (Navigation software package.)

Updater.exe and config.ini (updating tool)

3. Download map files for update.

Download map files from this site for country/regions up to you desire (cgnet map file format).

Copy downloaded maps to Update\CGMAPS folder on you SD-card. Those files will be transferred to you Lada Vesta during updating process.

Please, note:

Partition for Navigation software in multimedia system of Lada Vesta is limited by 8Gb.

To prevent issue of non-enouth free space, always use set of map files less than 8Gb.

4. Insert prepared SD-cart in to multimedia system in you Lada Vesta.

Please, be sure, that SD-card has been recognized by multimedia device.

5. Exit from Navigation software.

If Navigation software (CityGuide) has been launched, you have to exit from it to continue update process.

Please, go to Menu

Next press to "Exit"

5. Launch Navigation software as usual.

Update tool will started from SD-cart instead Navigation software CityGuide.

6. Updating process.

To update maps and Navigation software CityGuide for latest version use "Full update"

        Please, note:

        If version of installed navigation software in you Lada Vesta less, that version of navigation in update package - use this option.

        If version of installed navigation software in you Lada Vesta less than - you should use this option.

To update maps only use "Update maps"

To delete maps from Navigation software use "Delete maps". This option can be useful in case, when you whant delete some maps from you Navigation. You can delete all maps and write new set of map files in next step by update process.

To start update process - press for chosen option. Update process will start.

Please, note:

Updating process can take a lot of time! Up to 30 min and more! Duration of update process depends from total size of maps for update and speed of you SD-card.

Please, do not switch-off you multimedia device until update process will not finished.

When update will complete:

Press for "Close" option. Navigation software "CityGuide" will start automatically.

Please, do not forget to remove SD-cart from multimedia device after update process.

Now enjoy with updated maps and Navigation software!

Useful Tips

You can download original OSM maps for CityGuide for Lada Vesta using original Update tool for Lada Vesta

You can download original OSM maps for CityGuideusing FREE CityGuide for PC

You can download original OSM maps for CityGuide using GeoNET at you Android device! Just download free OSM maps from application and use them for Lada Vesta via standard update process.

Alternative non-original OSM maps for CityGuide can be downloaded from This is another project.

You can use CityGuide at you Android device! Just install CityGuide (trial) or GeoNET (FREE, exept maps from some providers) or bGEO (FREE) application from Google Play.