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Overview maps


AB - Abkhazia

AD - Andorra

AL - Albania

AT - Austria

BA - Bosnia and Herzegovina

BE - Belgium

BG - Bulgaria

BY - Belarus

CH - Switzerland

CZ - Czech Republic

DE - Germany

DK - Denmark

EE - Estonia

FI - Finland

FR - France

GE - Georgia

GR - Greece

HR - Croatia

HU - Hungary

IT - Italy

LT - Lithuania

LV - Latvia

MD - Moldova

NL - Nederland

NO - Norway

PL - Poland

RO - Romania

RU - Russia

SE - Sweden

SK - Slovakia

UA - Ukraine


AM - Armenia

AZ - Azerbaijan

CY - Cyprus

KG - Kyrgyzstan

KZ - Kazakhstan

TJ - Tajikistan

UZ - Uzbekistan

Free maps for CityGuide navigation version / 8.x / 9.x and Lada Vesta (cgnet map-file format) based at data from OpenStreetMaps project (OSM)

Status: No active task.

Map for Slovensko / Slovakia (OSM) (changed 23.09.2018) for CityGuide version / 8.x / 9.x and Lada Vesta (cgnet map-file format)

Always update overview map/atlas for country (if exist), when You update maps in you device.

For routing between countries, please, use an overview maps from left-side menu.

List overview maps in progress. New overview maps will be added soon.

For routing between country regions, please, use overview map/atlas for country (if exist).

For devices with small memory size (PNA with WinCE and etc.) available optimized (light) version of maps.

If you use build-in navigation in Lada or PNA with 256+ Mb RAM, you can use normal (non-optimized) maps.

All optimized for WinCE files in one archive - download

You can request convertation from OSM to CityGuide missing country/region by e-mail to

Map file Region Version Conv. date Link
SK-OVRV-OSM Slovensko / Slovakia (overview/atlas) -- -- download
SK-BC-OSM Banskobystrický kraj 2.5 25.08.2018 download
SK-BL-OSM Bratislavský kraj 2.5 25.08.2018 download
SK-KI-OSM Košický kraj 2.5 25.08.2018 download
SK-NI-OSM Nitriansky kraj 2.5 25.08.2018 download
SK-PV-OSM Prešovský kraj 2.5 25.08.2018 download
SK-TA-OSM Trnavský kraj 2.5 25.08.2018 download
SK-TC-OSM Trenčiansky kraj 2.5 25.08.2018 download
SK-ZI-OSM Žilinský kraj 2.5 25.08.2018 download
All files in one archive - download
All optimized for WinCE files in one archive - download